Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Noah's Never Ending Rainbow

We are wanting to place a special grave marker for Hannah Grace.  A Trisomy friend told me about Noah's Never Ending Rainbow.  This non-profit organization helps Trisomy families with various things and even grave markers.  I put in an application for Hannah's grave marker.  We are excited for the speicalness of the design we have come up with.  We are still waiting to hear approval from Noah's Never Ending Rainbow organization but in the mean time I will ask for whoever wants to send some support money to this very special organization! 

Thanks so much!  What a blessing Noah's will be to us!

UpdateNoah's Never Ending Rainbow never did come through for us so we will be rethinking Hannah's grave marker and going forward without Noah's Never Ending Rainbows help.  It saddens me to have waited this long with no answer.  I just can't emotionally be put off anymore.  Just too hard.  I'm not sure how we will pay for the stone but we know God will provide.  I will put my trust in God and not the non-profit who fakes out. 
Sandi Kwant

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