Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Life After Hannah

Here is a post from one of my friends who also lost Emalee who had Trisomy 18 like Hannah. She says it so well how I want to live my life in memory of Hannah:  

 Before I go to bed... Its so sad how hateful people can get after the loss of a child. They think just because their child is gone they have every right to be nasty to others because "my child is dead!" Hello..My child die...
d too and I am not a hateful person. Do I get depressed, angry, sad..Yes! I miss her so much that some days are so hard for me to breathe and bare. I cannot focus on it or I will
not make it through the day..Instead I try to let Emalee's beautiful bright light shine through me for others to see. She was a blessing! Am I sad shes not here? OF COURSE! But Im more thankful God blessed my life with such a sweet little daughter. I have taken every lesson she has taught me and every day of sadness and grief I have felt and turn it into something Beautiful! Just like her! When people see or talk to me I want them to see Emalee and Jesus beaming from me..not hate! Mommy loves you my pretty princess! This world is a much more beautiful place because you graced it with your presence. It may not have been long, but it was more than most do in a lifetime! ♥

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