Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Few Pictures of the 64 balloon Send Off

The next day at church:  Hannah's 64 balloon send off.  Celebrating the 64 days we were blessed with!  Each day was a blessing to be with Hannah!  The doctors expected Hannah to die at birth or in womb so each day was extra special!
Here is the power point picture noting it is time for the balloon send off!
Elders helped hand out balloons to the congregation!

The balloons being passed out!
Rita helping Terri Lynn, Valerie and Nathan to get their balloon!
Beppe, Martin, Sam and Bradley getting ready!
Grandma getting a balloon too!
Already with the balloons
Rick and I watching the passing out of the balloons
Everyone ready!
getting ready to send off our balloons!

The balloons are being set off!

There they go!
Off in the sky!
Balloons everywhere!

Watching! Gazing!

Everyone watching the heavens watching the balloons float in the sky!

very neat!

Hannah was such a blessing and all those who loved on Hannah and our family were a blessing to us also!  Even those who bless us even now!

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